How To Make Uncrustables

We all know the experience of eating a sandwich is always better without the crust. Our kids refuse to eat regular sandwiches but LOVES Uncrustables so we had to get creative because:

• It's WAAAY cheaper.
• You can control the ingredients to make it healthier compared to the store-bought version.
• You can create many fun shapes.

What Type of Bread is Best? 

We tested 12 bread brands to see which came up on top. Now.. we didn't test every single bread available but the best bread needs to be:

• Big: to ensure the bread is large enough for different shapes

• Soft and elastic: It won't break apart from the pressure. Make sure the bread isn't past the sell-by date because there is nothing worse than stale bread.

• Standard thickness: This makes cutters and sealers go through it without a problem. So almost all Pepperidge bread is NOT a great option because it's too small and not very elastic. Gluten-free and rye bread aren't elastic enough.

The best bread that we found for standard white bread is *drumroll* Sara Lee's Butter Bread. The bread is large enough to work will all shapes without getting cut off. It's also nice and soft, so it'll cut without a problem! You can use similar bread and you'll get almost the same result, sometimes the same.

For the healthy bread option, there aren't a lot of great ones because the sizes are too small. But we found the best of the bunch. The best healthy bread that we liked is Dave's Killer Bread White Bread Done Right. The slices are HUGE and super soft. While testing, this gave us better shapes than regular white bread. 

Tool That You'll Need

There are a lot of blogs that talk about making Uncrustables with a cup or a mason jar. That's fine, but it'll have uneven edges and the bread can rip. Nothing will look as pretty or as easy as using a tool such as Savoychef Sandwich Sealer Set. The tool allows the edges to cut smoothly and prevent breaking the bread while sealing.

Step-By-Step Instructions

• Spread the filling on the sandwich. One tip would be to not spread it all the way to the edge because it will get messy.

• Put together the sandwich.

•The tool comes with three pieces per shape (large cutter, sealer, and small cutter). Use the large cutter to cut the sandwich shapes.

•Grab the sealer and move it through the large cutter. Press firmly to seal the sandwich.

•Lastly, remove the large cutter, sealer, the leftover crust, and you're done! If you don't want to throw out the crust, you can Google some amazing recipes on ways to repurposing them. You can make food such as bread pudding, French toast, cinnamon sticks, croutons, and more.

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